Plugin to help app developers track conversions using the Facebook API
platforms: android,ios
$ cordova plugin add com.brightin.conversion


This plugin makes it easy to track app events from a Cordova or Phonegap app.


The plugin can be installed using the following command:

$ cordova plugin add

Facebook API

When the plugin is installed, it requires the facebook library to be linked with the application. Use relevant platform guides to add the android / iOS Facebook SDK to the respective platforms.


For iOS, this involves downloading the Facebook SDK and adding the installed FacebookSDK.framework folder to the list of frameworks in the auto-generated cordova XCode project.


For Android, download the Facebook SDK and add an extra library reference for the Cordova generated Android project (either using Eclipse, or by manually adding a line to - e.g. 'android.library.reference.2=/your/path/to/the/facebook/SDK')