Take Picture from the camera without any interaction from the user.
Rahul Pandey0.0.10
platforms: android
$ cordova plugin add me.rahul.plugins.camerapicturebackground


Automatically take Picture from Android Smartphones without any User Interactions.

Supported Platform

  • Android


Plugin can be installed using the Command Line Interface:

cordova plugin add

Plugin Usage

var options = {
    name: "Image", //image suffix
    dirName: "CameraPictureBackground", //foldername
    orientation: "landscape", //or portrait
    type: "back" //or front

window.plugins.CameraPictureBackground.takePicture(success, error, options);

function success(imgurl) {
    console.log("Imgurl = " + imgurl);
Here options are

name = Suffix to be added while saving the image for.e.g Image-yyyymmddhhmmss

dirName = Folder will be created with this name in Pictures directory of external storage.

orientation = while taking the picture, camera should be in landscape or portrait mode.

type = Either to use front or bank camera.


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