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8 This is a plugin converts the given html to a pdf document and stores it on the device. This Plugin requires iText.jar to be added to your project. Here is the last open source version (4.2.0) of it: GitHub: https://github.com/ymasory/iText-4.2.0 Download .jar:: https://github.com/ymasory/iText-4.2.0/downloads
8 Phonegap Android local PDF-Viewer Plugin
Document Handler
7 A phonegap plugin to handle documents (f.e. PDFs) given by URL.
2 A phonegap plugin to display files from a URL.
0 Cordova Plugin Returns converted into base64 format PNG from local PDF page. Can be used for creating thumbnails of PDF pages without need to store full sized images.
0 Open PDFs and Videos on Android via Intents in native apps