9 plugins for keyword meter

Shake Gesture Detection
29 Cordova Plugin to detect when a physical device performs a shake gesture.
Core Motion Pedometer
10 Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin for the Core Motion Pedometer to fetch pedestrian-related data, such as step counts and other information about the distance travelled.
Pedometer Cordova
4 Plugin cordova using https://github.com/SocialObjects-Software/SOMotionDetector
Device Barometer
2 Cordova Device Barometer Plugin
1 Cordova Barometer Plugin
Metawear Cordova Plugin
1 An Apache Cordova plugin to interact with a metaware board on your hybrid app
Device Thermometer
1 Cordova Device Thermometer Plugin
Device Thermometer
0 Cordova Device Thermometer Plugin
0 ViewMeterCordova