12 plugins for keyword mat

Native Transitions
96 Cordova / PhoneGap Plugin for native transitions. Emulating transitions are a thing of the past, you can now use real native transitions directly from your JavaScript! Supports flip, curl and fade.
Network Information
47 Cordova Network Information Plugin
14 This plugin will get most of the information available through Android's Telephony Manager and Account Manager classes.
5 This plugin allows you to track installs and events using MobileAppTracking.
Boot Launcher
1 Cordova Plugin to automatically start the Cordova app when the device is booted.
Wifi Information
0 Cordova Wifi Information Plugin
0 this plugin is still under construction
0 Cordova Sensor Plugin
Wireless Network Information
0 Cordova Wireless Network Information Plugin
Wifi Information
0 Cordova Wifi Information Plugin
Autobahn Web Socket
0 Autobahn Phonegap Plugin
0 Cordova SlidePay Plugin