9 plugins for keyword beacon

Proximity Beacon Plugin
217 Proximity Beacon Monitoring and Transmission Plugin (supporting iBeacons)
205 Cordova/PhoneGap plugin for Estimote beacons.
91 The "BCSphere/Bluetooth" is a professional Bluetooth plugin. It is the core implementation of Universal Bluetooth JavaScript API by a Bluetooth expert team. It supports both Bluetooth 4.0 GATT interface in iOS/Android and Bluetooth 2.1 Classical interface in Android.
18 Cross-plattform iBeacon plugin for Cordova/Phonegap
Attendease iBeacons
9 Attendease iBeacons Plugin
8 SmartBeacon 3.0.0+
2 Cordova iBeacon Manager Plugin
2 Cordova Beacon Plugin
0 is a mobile engagement automation library for your smartphone and tablet apps. Engage users in the right time using push notifications, emails and sms, segment your user base, create geofences to trigger location based campaigns or beacons for proximity based campaigns, analyse results and measure campaign performance. StreetHawk supports both iOS and Android devices..